Short answer: Experience and Value.

Long Answer: We don’t charge the prices that large design firms charge. We started this company to help out small businesses. We recognize that you are probably very good at what you do. You probably do what you do better than we do. But, we know marketing, design, and printing. And, we probably know it better than you. That’s fine. That’s why we pay you to do what you do and you pay us to do what we do.


We guarantee that you will see us as an asset to your business. Think of Voss Visuals as the marketing department for companies that are too small to have their own in-house. We’ll help your customer see you that way you do. We’ll give you a professional public appearance at a reasonable price. Start small or go big… either way, we want to show you why nearly all of our clients keep coming back for more. We help you grow your business. Period.